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MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - Career



We are seeking an ambitious Management Assistant (m/f/d) to join our team in Schönaich

In this role, you will provide comprehensive support to our C-Level executives, ensuring they can focus on strategic decisions while you manage operational details. Your mission encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including effectively managing tasks, preparing analytical reports, serving as a liaison between executives and stakeholders, and proactively identifying and implementing solutions.

Your primary focus will be on supporting our C-Level executives, handling tasks efficiently in a fast-paced environment. You'll excel in managing priorities, demonstrating agility and resilience in responding to challenges, and turning obstacles into opportunities for growth.

You will also play a crucial role in data analysis and reporting, leveraging your advanced Excel skills to transform complex data into actionable insights. As a liaison between executives and stakeholders, you'll ensure seamless communication, even in tumultuous periods.

Additionally, your proactive mindset will drive you to identify issues and implement solutions swiftly and effectively, maintaining poise and efficiency during critical situations.


Proven track record of performing optimally in high-pressure scenarios, with the ability to maintain composure, think critically, and problem-solve in real-time.
Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, Engineering or a related field, with a history of academic and/or professional excellence. 
Exceptional organizational skills, with the ability to adapt strategies on the fly and manage multiple tasks simultaneously without losing focus or efficiency.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with fluency in English and German being mandatory and additional languages advantageous.
Commitment to discretion and confidentiality, paired with the capacity to make sound decisions swiftly and effectively.
Proactive mindset, always seeking ways to improve processes and outcomes, particularly in high-stakes situations.
Thrives under pressure, demonstrating creativity, persistence, and an unyielding drive to succeed when faced with challenges.
Natural problem-solver, comfortable with complexity and uncertainty, and skilled in navigating through challenges with a positive attitude.
This role offers the opportunity to make a significant impact within our organization, supporting our executives and contributing to our success in the dynamic tech industry. If you're ready to take on this exciting challenge and thrive in a fast-paced environment, we encourage you to apply.


  • 30 days paid vacation

  • Full time (40 hours/per week), permanent contract

  • Company pension plan

  • We offer the possibility of working from home, depending on projects and tasks requirements

  • Flexible working hours when life gets in the way 

  • Annual performance and salary negotiations to align your compensation with your professional success

  • An international team with lots of opportunities for career advancement


  • Company support for gym memberships provided by Wellpass

  • Health Programm supported by the company (WLP app, regular physical activities, nutrition consultancy, etc)

  • Job bike to get to work healthy and fit

  • Birthday vouchers

  • Drinks and coffee (free of charge, of course)

  • Daily snacks and fruits for all employees and breakfast every Monday

  • Regular global team building events such as boot camps, skiing and a BBQ in summer. (Spouses and children are welcome to join the BBQ)

  • Monthly culinary cultural events


  • Highly competent colleagues who are experts in their field and happy to help you to learn and to grow

  • Modern office facilities with lounge and football table 

  • The beautiful countryside around the office at our location in Schönaich with nice transport connections

  • Shared apartment (WG) upon to availability

  • Visa sponsorship, if required


At Synapticon we’re reshaping the world of motion control for robotics and machinery at the point of motion.

The company introduces an entirely new approach to motion axes by integrating formerly discrete components, such as motors, drives, sensors and gearboxes into seamless units and digitizing performance and quality factors that are so far dependent on costly mechanical manufacturing. Innovation leaders around the world choose to work with Synapticon to path their way into the future of intelligent, motion control-related systems. 

Be part of it, join Synapticon!

Interested? We look forward to receiving your application.

MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerMANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerMANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerMANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerMANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerMANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerMANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerMANAGEMENT ASSISTANT (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - Career
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Hi! We’re more than 80 experts actively looking to expand our talent. 

Our engineering team is from all walks of life, countries, and cultures. Our diversity drives our creativity, and we look forward to having your unique outlook shape our product.

Working hours and location are flexible at Synapticon, because working families need that. Although you may need to be beside your robot for much of the day, we understand that sometimes getting away from the problem to think is the better approach.

Our unique SoC microprocessor has a massive amount of processing power, available to build unique, real world physics-defying algorithms right into the robot joint. We strive to use the best technology for the problems we are working to solve.


Liubov Schumann
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