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WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER (M/F/D) located in Belgrade, Serbia - Job - Career

WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER (M/F/D) located in Belgrade, Serbia


We are looking for an experienced and passionate web application developer to help build rich user interfaces for our amazing robotics commissioning software. You have the responsibility to design the crucial link between our customers and products, and you will be expected to creatively find solutions to tricky technical problems.

You will work closely with our applications engineers and performance team to design and realize user interfaces that help a customer intuitively achieve optimal configuration, high performance tuning, or troubleshoot a complex problem. You will be heavily involved in building and deploying tools that aid our product support from manufacturing through technical support. Occasional travel to Stuttgart, Germany is to be expected. We have a lot of robots on which you can test the software you build.


You are passionate about building user interfaces for highly complex systems, and love to engage people through your creations. Your code is clean and minimal except when quickly building a prototype to get your ideas on paper. Your passion for robotics inspires your coworkers to push the boundaries of modern web app development.

You should have 10 years of experience in Angular, even though it’s only been around for 6 years. :)  .  Writing Javascript and Typescript are like breathing air. You have a firm grasp of reactive (RxJS) and state management (NgRX) programming. You are well familiar with the standard design patterns. Quickly learning what you need from the internet or peers is your forte, as you have a strong desire to perfect your craft.

We are especially interested in selecting a candidate that excels in clear and effective communication, both verbally and in writing. Excellently written specifications communicate your clever solutions to the rest of the world. Meetings you lead are informative, and everyone leaves with a common goal. You are excited to work on a team to build something bigger than you could do by yourself.


  • Deliver shippable products and features.

  • Write code that rarely gets flagged for bugs

  • Quickly prototype feasibility studies to guide future product development

  • Increase customer acceptance of the product by building solutions that work on a wide variety of devices and platforms

  • Consider the whole ecosystem of your product when designing


  • Full-time (40 hours/week), permanent contract with paid vacation

  • Flexible working hours and working location when life gets in the way

  • Small international team in start-up mode, with lots of opportunities for career advancement

  • Annual performance and salary re-negotiation to keep your compensation relevant

  • Highly competent colleagues who are experts in their field and who are happy to help you learn and grow

  • Birthday vouchers

  • Business trips to headquarters in Germany


You will be employed by an affiliate company and work with our existing team in Belgrade

Interested? We look forward to receiving your application.

WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER (M/F/D) located in Belgrade, Serbia - Job - CareerWEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER (M/F/D) located in Belgrade, Serbia - Job - CareerWEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER (M/F/D) located in Belgrade, Serbia - Job - CareerWEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER (M/F/D) located in Belgrade, Serbia - Job - CareerWEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER (M/F/D) located in Belgrade, Serbia - Job - CareerWEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER (M/F/D) located in Belgrade, Serbia - Job - CareerWEB APPLICATION DEVELOPER (M/F/D) located in Belgrade, Serbia - Job - Career
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Hi! We’re about 60 experts actively looking to expand our talent. 

Our engineering team is from all walks of life, countries, and cultures. Our diversity drives our creativity, and we look forward to having your unique outlook shape our product.

Working hours and location are flexible at Synapticon, because working families need that. Although you may need to be beside your robot for much of the day, we understand that sometimes getting away from the problem to think is the better approach.

Our unique SoC microprocessor has a massive amount of processing power, available to build unique, real world physics-defying algorithms right into the robot joint. We strive to use the best technology for the problems we are working to solve.


Liubov Schumann
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