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ROBOTIC NETWORKING INTERN (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - Career



At Synapticon we’re reshaping the world of motion control for robotics and machinery at the point of motion.
The company introduces an entirely new approach to motion axes by integrating formerly discrete components, such as motors, drives, sensors and gearboxes into seamless units and digitalizing performance and quality factors that are so far dependent on costly mechanical manufacturing. Innovation leaders around the world choose to work with Synapticon to path their way into the future of intelligent, motion control-related systems.  Be part of it, join Synapticon!


We need a clever, creative person to work together with our fieldbus experts to build a translations model for fieldbus communication. You will help research different fieldbus technologies, including EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, SERCOS, and Profinet, to understand the similarities and differences between them. The translation model you build will be implemented across a wide range of products.

The internship duration is six months.


  • You have some understanding of Ethernet protocols, such as UDP and TCP/IP. We expect you can explain the ISO/OSI model at a basic level. Education in either telecommunications or computer science is appropriate.
  • Knowledge in a typical development environment is a huge plus, including Git, Wireshark, and C/C++. Basic knowledge of a servo drive is also really helpful.
  • You like to work in a professional and passionate team, and have love and curiosity for technical topics, and the ability to independently research advanced topics. You can get your hands dirty and make it work.
  • We have a lot of robots around the office, so a fascination with robotics communication systems is required.


  • Full-time (40 hours/week)

  • Flexible working hours and working location when life gets in the way

  • Small international team in start-up mode, with lots of opportunities for career advancement

  • Annual performance and salary re-negotiation to keep your compensation relevant

  • Highly competent colleagues who are experts in their field and who are happy to help you learn and grow

  • Birthday vouchers

  • Company support for gym memberships through Qualitrain

  • Beautiful countryside around the office at our location in Schönaich, Germany

  • Regular team building events like skiing, boot camps, sports, Christmas parties, and BBQ every Friday .

  • Spouses and kids are welcome to join for BBQ on Friday.

  • A sandbox out back “for the kids”, but we recognize that age is just a number

  • A field out back where we like to kick the ball around. Some of us are professional-level, but we prefer to pursue our engineering passions.

  • Modern office facilities with an engineering lounge with football table and bean bag chairs

  • Shared apartment (WG) upon availability

  • Visa sponsorship, if required

Interested? We look forward to receiving your application.

ROBOTIC NETWORKING INTERN (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerROBOTIC NETWORKING INTERN (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerROBOTIC NETWORKING INTERN (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerROBOTIC NETWORKING INTERN (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerROBOTIC NETWORKING INTERN (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerROBOTIC NETWORKING INTERN (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerROBOTIC NETWORKING INTERN (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerROBOTIC NETWORKING INTERN (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - CareerROBOTIC NETWORKING INTERN (M/F/D) - Job Schönaich - Career
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Hi! We’re about 60 experts actively looking to expand our talent. 

Our engineering team is from all walks of life, countries, and cultures. Our diversity drives our creativity, and we look forward to having your unique outlook shape our product.

Working hours and location are flexible at Synapticon, because working families need that. Although you may need to be beside your robot for much of the day, we understand that sometimes getting away from the problem to think is the better approach.

Our unique SoC microprocessor has a massive amount of processing power, available to build unique, real world physics-defying algorithms right into the robot joint. We strive to use the best technology for the problems we are working to solve.